Laura’s Story

Image © 2020 Laura Perry

Laura’s introduction to the Minoans occurred many years ago in a fateful high school art history class, when her teacher had the class turn to the color plates in their textbooks.

Laura flipped the page to discover a photo of the Bull Leaper fresco from Knossos and got goosebumps all over. The image of the fresco opened up something in her mind and heart, a connection with a very special time and place. Thus began her search for information about the people, culture, and religion of Bronze Age Crete.

Back then, in the days before the Internet, information about the Minoans was scarce: a few paragraphs in an encyclopedia and little else. But by the 1990s, things began to change. Archaeology on Crete picked up the pace, more books were published about the Minoans, and eventually the Internet began to provide information as well. In 1993, during work for her second degree in a Wiccan coven, Laura was given the assignment to write a year’s worth of seasonal rituals and a lifetime’s worth of rites of passage using the pantheon of her choice. The Minoan gods and goddesses made their presence known, and she completed the assignment with the deities from ancient Crete. Her coven “road tested” many of the rituals, leading Laura to make some changes based on the gods’ reactions to the rites.

Laura began searching for a community that shared her interest in all things Minoan. Unable to find such a community, she founded the Facebook group Ariadne’s Tribe. Much to her surprise, instead of the one or two dozen people she expected, the group soon expanded its membership into the hundreds, eventually reaching well over a thousand. It was with these people that she began the journey that would end in the creation of Modern Minoan Paganism, a revivalist tradition based not just on the ancient Minoan deities and religion, but also the Minoan values of sharing and community. 

At the request of Ariadne’s Tribe members, in 2016 Laura published the first edition of Labrys and Horns: An Introduction to Modern Minoan Paganism as a single, easy-to-find source for the practices the group had developed. In 2019, Laura was thrilled to participate in the process of developing a set of Official Policies and the creation of a Board of Directors for Modern Minoan Paganism. She released the second edition of Labrys and Horns in June 2020, and looks forward to continuing the adventure with her local and online communities for many years to come

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