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We’d love to have you as part of our community!

Anyone who feels a connection with the gods and goddesses of the Modern Minoan pantheon, and wishes to develop a spiritual practice in relationship with them, is welcome.

Modern Minoan Paganism is not an exclusive tradition. Members are welcome to participate in other traditions and spiritual paths at the same time as they practice Modern Minoan Paganism, as long as those other traditions do not prohibit them from doing so.

In order to join, solitary practitioners and members of local chapters will need to apply for membership. The first step in this process is to spend some time with the Modern Minoan Paganism Official Policies. At the end of that document, you will find the link to the membership application.

We also have our official public forum in the Ariadne’s Tribe Facebook Group. This is a good option for those who might like to become members, but who want to learn more about who they will be sharing the path with before doing so.

The Ariadne’s Tribe Facebook group and the Ariadne’s Tribe Discord server are the only official online chapters of Modern Minoan Paganism. Any other online forum, blog, or group not listed here or on one of the board member’s pages on this site is not directly affiliated with Modern Minoan Paganism. The MMP Board does not provide oversight for and is not responsible for the activities of unaffiliated groups.

The Ariadne’s Tribe Discord server is focused on discussing active devotional practice. If you are interested in learning more about that, or if you represent an unaffiliated group or solo practitioner who is interested in sharing and friendly dialog about Minoan things, please reach out to Bryan.

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