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Board Members

Learn about the people behind Modern Minoan Paganism.

Laura Perry

Founder, Record Keeper, Facebook Group Admin, and Head Facilitator

Contact Laura about membership in Modern Minoan Paganism.

Learn more about Laura by reading her story.

Email me:

Dana Corby

Facebook Group Admin, Puget Sound Minoan Pagans Chapter Organizer

Contact Dana about membership in the Ariadne’s Tribe Facebook group

Learn more about Dana by reading her story.

Email me:

Bryan Hewitt

Warden, Webmaster and Ariadne’s Tribe Discord server admin.

Contact Bryan regarding this website or the Ariadne’s Tribe Discord server..

Learn more Bryan by reading his story.

Email me:

Arlechina Verdigris

Mistress of Music and Dance

Learn more about Arlechina by reading her story.

Email me:

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